Demands and Goals

The campaign, run to reclaim the Ennore Creek from industries and violators, has the following demands and goals:

Immediate revaluation of industries and their status of compliance to environmental conditions and laws.

The causes for the degredation of the Ennore Creek contradict a number of protection and provention acts that stipulate certain environmental conditions.

The Fly Ash Notification 1999 and Hazardous Waste Rules 2008 prohibit the discharge of water from ash ponds and impose a provision to submit daily discharge statements. Large-scale reclamation and land creation processes are in violation with the Coastal Regulation Notification 2011. Radical erosion of the mangrove cover due  to human activity is prohibited under the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

An immediate and independant investigation needs to be carried out, to make sure that the existing industrial facilities operate under compliance of existing law. Violations must be penalized.

Blanket Ban on Expansion of Industries in this belt.

As rampant and radical development in the region of the Ennore Creek led to the depletion of the ecosystem, we pledge for a blanket ban on any further expansion of industries in this region.

Current Environmental Impact Assessments are biased and it is worth mentioning, that up until today, no EIA or Coastal Zone Management Plan, that would serve as the basis for granting clearance, was carried out. There is no data about the complex and sensitive ecosystem and no understanding of the socio-economic and environmental impact, any developmental project would have.

Restoration of the Ennore Creek.

To not only stop any further damage to the watersystems in Ennore but also to reclaim its function as a biodiverse waterbody, that sustained the local population for ages, immediate action must be taken to nurse and restore the creek back to its old state and health.

It is of highest importance to maintain the needs of the river and its population, to preserve livelihood security of the fishing communities, ensure flood mitigation, and enable fish species and aquativ mitigation to recover. Obstructions and barriers that hinder the river in its natural flow must be removed and the waterways need to be dredged back to its original depth.

It is for the government and its authorities to enforce existing law, hold violators accountable, preserve the Ennore Creek Ecosystem and secure the livelihoods of its people in the communities around it.