May 2017 – Unfit to Breathe II – Air Quality and Pollution Levels in Chennai City

May 2017 – Environmental Impact Assessment for 1 x 660 MW Ennore Thermal Power Project Replacement – TANGEDCO

February 2017 – Oil Spill In Chennai : A Health Report

August 2016 – Submission at the Public Hearing Conducted for Kamarajar Port Phase III Expansion

July 2016 – Kamaraj Port Limited – Development of Facilities Envisaged in Phase III Development (Masterplan) of the Port

April 2016 – Unfit to Breathe : A report on Air Quality Around the Thermal Power Plant Cluster in Ennore, Tamil Nadu

April 2016 – Death by a Thousand Cuts: Report of a Public Hearing on Loss of Ecology and Fisher livelihoods in Ennore Creek

April 2016 – Death by a Thousand Cuts: Executive Summary in Tamil

March 2016 – Call for Action on Loss of Ecology and Livelihood of fishermen of the Ennore Creek

January 2016 – Factsheet on Violations and Its Impacts on Ennore Creek