Industries and developmental projects

In North Chennai, specifically in the region around the Ennore Creek, the situation worsened as soon as Thermal Power Plants and other Industries were established. Until today all environmental conditions given to these industries remain neglected. Given below are the industries that are situated around the creek.


  • North Chennai Thermal Power Station (NCTPS) 3×210 MW; 2x 600 MW
  • Kamaraj Port Limited (KPL; formerly know as Ennore Port)
  • L&T Ship Building Yard


  • Chettinad International Coal Terminal
  • NTECL’s Vallur Thermal Power Plant 3×500 MW
  • HPCL – Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited


  • Ennore Thermal Power Plant (Oldest operational power plant in the region) 2 x 60 MW ; 3 x 110 MW

Within a 5 km radius:

  • Manali Industrial Estate
  • Coromandel Fertilizer
  • Kothari Fertilizer
  • Hinduja Foundaries

New proposals for thermal power projects in the region include:

  • 800 MW NCTPS Stage III, on the green belt of the current NCTPS, Ennore
  • 1600 MW Ennore SEZ, on the ash pond of NCTPS
  • 1200 MW North Chennai Power Company, at Katupalli
  • 1030 MW Chennai Power Generation Ltd, Katupalli and Kalanji village