Ennore Creek: Made-to-Order High Tide Line


Public records available with the Save Ennore Creek Campaign raise serious doubts on whether the Institute of Remote Sensing (IRS), Anna University, has altered the High Tide Line in Ennore Creek to accommodate its client, Kamarajar Port’s proposal for a controversial ‘Free Trade Warehouse Zone’ inside the wetland.

The discrepancy in HTL is evident when IRS’ High Tide Line map prepared for TANGEDCO in 2014-15 is compared with what it has prepared this year for its current client, Kamarajar Port, they said. Kamarajar Port’s expansion project, if approved, will  expose more than 10 lakh people to higher risk of disastrous flooding, including more than 2 lakh people in RK Nagar, Ponneri, Madhavaram and Thiruvotriyur constituencies

The Campaign claimed that State, Centre and scientific bodies are colluding to push KPL’s proposal to harm Ennore Creek. On 29-30 November, KPL’s proposal comes up for reconsideration at the Expert Appraisal Committee (Infra-2), Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change. Despite a direction by the Chairman of the EAC to conduct a site visit and enquire into allegations against KPL, the EAC is going ahead with considering the proposal.

Even while people are complaining about sea level rise and the westward incursion of the sea, IRS Anna University’s map for Kamarajar Port makes it appear that the HTL has receded freeing up about 250 metres as real estate in this area. The 2015 NCTPS map shows two canals, measuring 400 meters and 190 meters running through the area demarcated for the construction of a ‘Free Trade Warehouse Zone’. However, the 2017 KPL map presents the two canals measuring just 160 meters and 113 meters respectively.

A 1996 Government of India approved Coastal Zone Management Plan declares KPL’s proposed project area as a ‘No Development Zone.’ Save Ennore Creek campaign said that the current case demonstrates what happens when science, rule of law and common sense die at the same time.

For more information, contact: Pooja Kumar 9791122180



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