Kamarajar Port Removes Dumped Debris from one wetland, only to dump it on another.

Kamarajar Port Limited has begun removing material it had dumped on CRZ areas of the Ennore Creek this week.However, the removed material is being dumped on salt pans which are also wetlands belonging to the creek.

Following a tender the port had floated in December 2016, work for removal of dumped material on CRZ areas was initialised (see the full tender document here) .The tender document indicated an area close to the Ennore creek, behind a temple located at the banks of the creek for dumping of removed material. The area indicated has been marked as Salt Pans on the survey of India Toposheet. Salt pans are declared wetlands and any kind of reclamation/land filling is prohibited under National Wetland Rules. Parts of these salt pans also fall under CRZ I Areas where reclamation activities are not permitted. Kamarajar Port intends to convert these wetlands into real estate for the development of a Free Trade Warehouse Zone.

Starting August 2015, Kamarajar Port Limited has been dumping dredged material on wetlands belonging to the Ennore Creek reclaiming land for expansion of the port.
Map prepared by Kamarajar Port envisaging the Land Use Plan after development of their Masterplan ; Phase III. This map shows the intent to reclaim acres of wetlands for commercial use

 After the public and the fishermen in the area who depend on the Ennore Creek for their livelihood raised oppositions to this illegal reclamation, Kamarajar Port finally floated a tender to remove the illegally dumped material. See VICTORY | Fishers Rejoice As Kamarajar Port Bids to Repair Damage to Creek |

Map prepared by Kamarajar Port submitted with the tender document floating bids to invite contractors to remove the dumped material from CRZ Areas of Ennore Creek. This map indicates the intent to dump removed material in an area close to the creek.
However, the removed debris is being dumped on Salt Pans, which are notified wetlands under the National Wetland Rules.
Survey of India Toposheet showing the area currently being dumped on as Salt Pans
Satellite Image showing the area of dumping of removed debris.

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