Govt urged to restore Ennore creek to make north Chennai flood-proof

CHENNAI: With monsoon round the corner, noted activists and fishermen have urged the state government to take immediate steps to save the Ennore creekto secure north Chennai in case of floods. Industrial encroachments along the creek has shrunk the waterway hitting the local fishermen and causing floods in the northern pockets of the city last year, they claimed while suggesting six steps that would reduce the flood risk.

Selvarajan, vice-president of Ennore Annaithu Meenavar Gramangalin Kootamaipu, alleged that the public sector thermal power stations and the port in the area have destroyed the waterway by dumping debris and fly ash. “We suffered a lot in the 2015 floods with several areas in our locality and north Chennai inundated. The industrial development in the northern pockets halted the natural flow of river through the waterways,” he said. Noting that floods were caused due to industrial encroachments of wetlands associated with Kosasthalaiyar and Ennore creek, he said salt marsh have disappeared in the area. The southern arm of the Ennore creek drains Kosasthalaiyar river and rain water from various areas in north Chennai including Manali, Washermenpet and Korrukupet. Thanks to the bridges, industrial effluents and fly ash from thermal power plants, the water-carrying capacity of the creek has been reduced.
While noted environmentalist Nityanand Jayaraman said the Ennore creek has been constricted by dumping of fly ash, discharge of industrial effluent and reclamation of waterbodies by Kamaraj Port, former HC judge Justice Hariparanthaman said he was shocked to notice the creek reduced to just a feet from its initial width of 15 feet. “To top it, a road was recently laid blocking the water body. The need of the hour is to restore the width of Kosasthalaiyar river and Ennore creek,” Hariparanthaman noted.
Original Article appeared in the Times of India on Sep 21, 2016 – Read the original article here

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